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Sebastian"s Emporium  

is an oasis of history art & culture.

Global leaders rise and fall on their record of human rights, but others remain strong and achieve the heights...Our achievements  in Syria include ...


The Standing up for artists' and their absolute right to create. ... 


In the year of the cultural colonialist ... "...Without artistic freedom, we are not a civilised people...".

SEBASTIAN's Emporium ...

Where it all  started...

We are proud to introduce to you our natural, handmade products.

Sebastian’s Galleries were created to bring you a harvest of results from our experts' extensive travels and searches for the most  culturally interesting, valuable, high-quality artifacts and hand-crafted furniture.

Hand-made silks, and other fine products  from the exotic Arabian Peninsula – and from the less explored part

From  the orient... We believe that the  beauty and quality of our artifacts are simply unmatched by  any other similar items available in other  markets.

Our management is composed of a group of dedicated  professional people,who are   enthusiastic about their work; artists and art historians, of a Middle Eastern cultural heritage where with their tradition together comprises this excellent team and  enables us to make our purchasing decisions with expertise and knowledge.

This combination works directly to benefit you-the end user. It is also our desire to use our emporium  and web site to promote these fine Middle – Eastern artifacts. At the same time, our sales team will actively help selected artists and craftsmen in poor Arab countries to continue their work and keep their ancient traditions and  crafts alive.

We trade our merchandise fairly, without middlemen, and  give to  you our customer that assurance that your "purchase” will make a difference”. 

Please come and enjoy browsing our “virtual shop” on-line. 

Note: we offer  wholesale pricing to all our customers giving  us that integrity and fast shipping ability to your homeland.

We are now in London

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